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Do you have an particular question about the creative process or freelancing? 

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If you like to read and learn more about the creative process and freelancing. 

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Share your question

Got burning questions you want answered? Shoot me your requests and you just might see them featured in my blog! Join the fun and let's dive into it together.

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Book a mentor session

Got more than just one burning question? Need some personal attention, guidance and are you in need of some 1-on-1 time? Maybe you're struggling with a situation within the creative process, your course as an artist, a project or with freelancing? Let me help you!

  • I will check my planning and send you options in terms of dates

  • Send your questions and if relevant pictures and documentation

  • A zoom session starts from 1 hour - € 149,- (excl VAT)

Marloes de Kiewit

Muralist, painter & Illustrator

Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Creating Worldwide

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