"What I love about what I do, is that my workspace is constantly changing in terms of environment, atmosphere and people."


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My favorite thing is creating murals. Most of my personal work involves dot-&linework. I constantly challenge myself with a wider color palette, new techniques, different surfaces and wall-sizes.

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Playing with lines and little details, painting windows is something else. Especially when the sun shines through it's magical what happens on the floor.



Let's start the conversation about working as a creative, the scene, the ups and downs. We can stimulate others to take the leap to become their own boss and do what they love the most.



It's a special interactive experience in which visitors get inspired at your festival or (business) event.

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Decor design for festivals and parties. I enjoy working with a team on an all-over look and feel that creates a suiting atmosphere for the event. 

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If at a young age an artist visited my school to talk about what they did, it would have motivated me way earlier to follow my dream. Let's inspire the youth.

"Dedicated, passionate and energetic. Her focus on details really makes her work ‘pop’. Each line had to be sharp like the tip of her pencil. With a professional vibe we brainstormed and mixed styles together. She brought in the perfect colors and allover look we were searching for."

Roland Jager - Creative Producer, Solar Festival



Window art several times a year, changed seasonally or more if required. If you would like to know more about the possibilities, feel free to send a message.




"I quit my fulltime job, sold my stuff and booked a one-way ticket. One of the best choices I ever made." 

Before I started this adventure as an freelancer, I travelled solo through Central America and the islands Bonaire and Curacao in 9 months. I created murals and illustrations for hotels, hostels, B&B's, lunchrooms and backpackers. It was all about connecting, cultures, food, thoughts, rituals, lessons, obstacles, love, nature and so much more.

It made me realize that it was time to embrace my creativity. It could be the 'language' for wherever I wanted to go.

I enjoy combining my travels with painting. I like to connect with new places and faces. During my travels I am always looking for walls and to collaborate with local artist.

Would you like to add a mural for example to your hotel or restaurant? Or collaborate and create something together?

Feel free to message me with suggestions and let's talk about the possibilities.


Working on a Mural at Hostel Bella's - Caye Caulker, Belize


"I saw her work for the first time years ago at the entrance of the 'Jimmy Woo' Club in Amsterdam. When I found out she arrived on Curacao, I immediately contacted her. She painted a wall at our home, and at the apartments we rent out on the island. We receive special requests from visitors who prefer to hire the apartment with her mural! We are looking forward for her to visit again soon."

Maaike Nijbroek, Owner Blue Marlin Apartments

Antigua, Guatamala

"We met this happy spirit when she was traveling through Guatemala. She started her mornings with coffee at Union Cafe and we instantly connected. She created a mural of funky leaves which we love. She just asked a few questions and it was exactly what we were looking for. Without a doubt I highly recommand her, you won't be dissapointed."


Jimmy Mattrel, Owner Union Cafe

Bacalar, Mexico

"My husband and I own a art space and lunchroom named El Manati in Bacalar. Marloes was traveling through Mexico and came by for lunch. After a few visits she illustrated our menus and spent a week at our home. We were so happy with the result, she was dedicated in the process and lovely company."




Isabel Gonzalez - Owner, El Manati, Bacalar, Mexico


If you have questions or interest in any of the above, please go to 'contact' or 'checklist' to make sure to send the requested information before hand. Thank you!


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