"Despite the fact that there is always room to point out your wishes, the strongest result arises when the client gives me their trust and creative freedom."


 Next to the commissioned projects, I give myself the time and space to paint and illustrate without any directions from others.

My studio provides the space to try out new ideas, materials and techniques. 

Illustrations made by hand eventually become patterns or artworks for clothing, bags, POS material, notebooks, phone cases, birth- and wedding cards.

You name it, I make sure your design is one of a kind.

My personal work or an illustration/painting framed on request. Something to add to your home, workspace or as a gift.


 If you would like to know more about the possibilities, feel free to contact me.

"For a couple of years I am working with Marloes on a frequent base. Marloes is making amazing content for Catwalk Junkie. When it comes to be-spoke graphics, one of a kind murals or complete shop windows, Marloes has let the brand-DNA get under her skin to surprise me with her unique talent every time."

Marieke Willemars - Creative Director, Catwalk Junkie


If you have questions or interest in any of the above, please go to 'contact' or 'checklist' to make sure to send the requested information before hand. Thank you!


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