My name is Marloes (Pronounced as Mahr-Loose), I’m a fulltime self-taught artist for 5 years now. Living in the Netherlands, creating wherever. I do murals, window-art and (digital) artworks for private and business clients.

In 2016 I quit my job after working for 6 years in the fashion industry. I did not know who I was or what I wanted and felt like absolute sh*t. So I sold my stuff and booked a one way ticket to Mexico, eventually managing to travel solo for 9 months through Central America exchanging illustrations and murals for food and shelter. Best. Choice. Ever. It made me embrace my creativity and believe in my abilities.


After living as a nomad for 2 years I found my place in Rotterdam. This city has become my home and is where I'm working fulltime on this creative path. I am on this great adventure to (re)find myself as a person, an artist and business woman.

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Picture by Annebel Eppinga

My work

My strength lies within strong line- and dot work where I mostly emphasize on femininity, elements of nature and movement. I love going nuts on details and to challenge myself painting freehand on bigger surfaces. I'm always searching for a certain flow in my creations.


After a creative block, I’m trying to be less hard on myself and whatever runs through my fingers. Nowadays I'm about play-time: having fun exploring colors, new materials and techniques. Anything that brings that sparkly feeling and developing myself into an autonomous artist.

Fun facts

Over the years I lived in 8 different cities and tasted the nomad life. Dance lessons and field hockey kept me active 6 days a week, nowadays I’m more of a couch potato in active wear. My brothers are 9- and 12-years older. I'm living together with my love Chris. I'm a plantmom, a dogsitter, a Taurus and my ascendant's a Lion. Also not into cheese or the easy assumption I want to work for free.

I’m a daydreamer who's easily distracted in conversations, and I will point out all the dogs wherever I go. I love writing, reading, dancing, meditation, handcrafted work, the sound of birds, shadow lines, the feeling when you enter the airport, sunlight that hits my face and biking with songs that fit my mood. I'm a bit forgetful, a slow walker, not that great with spelling and right handed.

Interview and Mural in 2018

Video made by: No Dutch No Glory

For projects, the process, results, the struggles and happy moments you can take a look on my instagram account. Can't wait to share new steps, tips and adventures with you.

I hope it inspires in any way, be it creating or just taking in colorful good vibes! Feel free to follow and don't forget to
say hi!