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My name is Marloes (Pronounced as Mahr-Loose), I’m a fulltime self-taught artist for 6 years now. Living in the Netherlands, creating wherever. I do murals, window-art and (digital) artworks for private and business clients.

In 2016 I quit my job after working for 6 years in the fashion industry. I did not know who I was or what I wanted and felt like absolute sh*t. So I sold my stuff and booked a one way ticket to Mexico, eventually managing to travel solo for 9 months through Central America exchanging illustrations and murals for food and shelter. Best. Choice. Ever. It made me embrace my creativity and believe in my abilities.


After living as a nomad for 2 years I found my place in Rotterdam. This city has become my home and is where I'm working fulltime on this creative path. I am on this great adventure to (re)find myself as a person, an artist and business woman.

Marloes Website.JPG

Picture by Annebel Eppinga

Interview and Mural in 2018

Video made by: No Dutch No Glory

For projects, the process, results, the struggles and happy moments you can take a look on my instagram account. Can't wait to share new steps, tips and adventures with you.

I hope it inspires in any way, be it creating or just taking in colorful good vibes! Feel free to follow and don't forget to
say hi! 

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