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Marloes de Kiewit | Muralist, Painter & Illustrator | Rotterdam
Hi! My name is Marloes de Kiewit, I'm a muralist, painter & illustrator.
"I'll help you stand out with a unique design." 

Marloes de Kiewit creates indoor and outdoor murals, window art, (digital) illustrations, paintings, or painted objects for individuals, companies, and organizations. Her work features strong line work and dots with a delicate flow. Her style initially started in timeless black and white but has evolved over time to encompass a broader color palette and other techniques. Currently, the focus lies in combining line work with colorful realistic compositions. She can fully immerse herself in applying countless details, seeking a balance between movement and stillness, strength and vulnerability.

Zelfportret | Kunstwerk | Marloes de Kiewit | Rotterdam
Zelfportret | Samenwerking | Marloes de Kiewit | Cristal Ball
Let's work together

No day is the same, and every project is different. That's what makes my work so enjoyable. From painting windows and porcelain plates to large colorful indoor and outdoor walls. I believe it's important to make the process as clear as possible for the people I collaborate with, from start to finish. My goal is to create an experience and unique, detailed pieces.


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Klantenportfolio | Marloes de Kiewit | Muralist, Painter & Illustrator

"Marloes painted beautiful creations on our windows at the ‘Hashtag Workmode’ coworking locations. Our meeting rooms in Groningen, Utrecht en Rotterdam all have their own designs that match the atmosphere and city. It’s made with great precision and I’m still very happy with the results!

Emilie Sobels, Founder of 'Hashtag Workmode' and 'The Self-Made Summit'


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Marloes de Kiewit

Muralist, painter & Illustrator

Based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Creating Worldwide

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