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2| 5 Ways to make money as an artist

Photograph: Raymond van Mil

Take a moment to appreciate how amazing it is that through creating your art, you can express and develop yourself. And hey, if you can make a living from it and earn some serious cash, that's a double win! Over the course of 3 blogs, I will share various ideas that can help you with that. Because if you want to achieve, sustain or optimize that, it's smart to explore multiple income streams. So, ditch the whole "starving artist" stereotype and embrace the art of entrepreneurship!


If there's one thing that gets people excited, it's witnessing art come to life before their very own eyes. Live-art can be an awesome addition for individuals, businesses, or organizations hosting an event. Their visitors will be entertained, inspired, or even go home with something you've created, like a portrait or a customized item. Brace yourself, though, as these events can be quite energy draining with all the people interaction and creating on-the-spot. Because of that, you can confidently raise your hourly rate for projects like these. But make sure first if this type of project matches with your personality.

Application: Quick | On location | Active income


Join forces with another creator or a complementary entrepreneur! Together, you can create something truly special while learning from each other and expanding your networks and reach. Not only that, but it's also a refreshing to experience the dynamic of working with a colleague in this ongoing one-man-show scenario.

Application: Quick | From your workspace or the one you collaborate with | Active income


With a license, you grant permission to an individual, company, or organization to use your work due to copyright reasons. A license specifies what, for how long, in what manner (online/offline), and where (national/international) the work can be used. This allows you to offer multiple licenses, work with buy-outs or royalties. Keep in mind that this revenue model depends on the network and reach you build over time.

Application: Medium to long term | From your workspace | Passive income

Affiliate Marketing

Do you have a (reasonably) large following on your social media and/or website? Then affiliate marketing might be interesting for you. Connect yourself with companies and products that you support and personally enjoy. This way, you can genuinely inspire and excite your followers. By providing a link, you can offer discounts on a product, for example. For every sale made through your link, you earn a certain commission. The online store gains more visibility and visitors, while you benefit financially. It's a win-win situation for both parties.

Application: Medium to long term | From your workspace | Passive income


Have you gained experience and collected valuable tips & tricks over the past years? Share them with others through an e-book. Write concise and well-structured documents that can be downloaded upon payment. Make it unique and personal by beautifully designing the documents. This not only adds value for the reader but also creates an fun reading experience.

Application: Medium to long term | From your workspace | Passive income

Curious about the rest? Click here for the other blog. Do you have a method that's not mentioned here? Feel free to share it in the comments, and who knows, someone else might benefit from it thanks to you

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