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3| 5 Ways to make money as an artist

Een illustratie als kleurplaat door Marloes de Kiewit voor Abbot Kinney's

Take a moment to appreciate how amazing it is that through creating your art, you can express and develop yourself. And hey, if you can make a living from it and earn some serious cash, that's a double win! Over the course of 3 blogs, I will share various ideas that can help you with that. Because if you want to achieve, sustain or optimize that, it's smart to explore multiple income streams. So, ditch the whole "starving artist" stereotype and embrace the art of entrepreneurship!


Encourage others to grab their colored pencils and bring your digital illustrations to life at home. Whether as a coloring page or template, this allows others to interpret your design on their window or wall in their own way.

Application: Quick | From your workspace | Passive income


With a membership, followers can support you in exchange for exclusive benefits. For example, you can offer early access to new artworks, behind-the-scenes images, or online workshops. This not only creates an additional source of income but also a way to build a tighter community of enthusiasts for your work, supporting each other in creativity. This can be done through platforms like Patreon. If you want to go all-in, consider building a website to fully manage your own community.

Application: Medium to Long | From your workspace | Active & Passive income


A physical exhibition not only provides the opportunity to showcase your artworks but also to meet potential buyers in person. This can be done independently, in collaboration with other artists, or through a gallery. Galleries not only offer exposure to a diverse audience but can also provide professional representation and sales support. This opens the door to art collectors and enthusiasts actively seeking (new, emerging) artists. However, keep in mind that a significant percentage of the sales will go to the gallery. Ensure you have a strong portfolio and search for galleries that align with your style and vision.

Application: Medium | Workspace & On Location | Active income


Organize an artist retreat where interested individuals have the opportunity to create, learn, and be inspired under your guidance. Play with the location, ambiance, potential guests, and extras for a unique and unforgettable experience. Make it a day or perhaps even a weekend.

Application: Quick | On Location | Active income

Trade Shows

By showcasing your work at a trade show that aligns with the type of art you create, you can directly connect with potential buyers. This gives you the chance to personally present your work, answer questions, bond with your audience as well as fellow creators. Ensure you have an attractive booth and offer items at smaller price points to make your art accessible to a broader audience.

Application: Quick | On Location | Active income.

Curious about the rest? Click here for the other blog. Do you have a method that's not mentioned here? Feel free to share it in the comments, and who knows, someone else might benefit from it thanks to you

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